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About Us

Trusted by schools, Elysion school ERP and mobile application will increase your productivity and help your institute to stand out amongst others.

Elysion Schools Management Software has been developed keeping in mind the various requirements of students, teachers, and parents. This cloud-based ERP system ensures smooth functioning of an institute’s day-to-day operations.

The software allows easy access to all school data, providing hassle-free and seamless communication between the school admins, faculty, students, and parents. It also helps in economising time, money and effort.

Elysion School ERP offers services like Timetable, Attendance, Examinations, Gradebooks, Campus News, Video Lectures, Personal Albums, School Calendar, along with an internal messaging system. Moreover, it makes the administrative and financial duties easier, faster and accurate.

  • Available on Android, iOS and Web.
  • Seperate Parents, Teachers and Admin login.
  • Offline support for some features so that lack of connectivity does not bother work.
  • Backed up by Google Services for additional security and benefits.

Benefits of Elysion Schools


Elysion School Management Software is very efficacious to parents for being updated with all the child’s activities and performance in the school. Parents can keep an eye on their child’s activities, they have a very easy and direct access to check their child’s attendance ,achievements, fee details, results, activity plan, school news, etc. With Elysion school software, parents can directly communicate with teachers regarding any complaint, suggestion and issue by texting via internal messaging system.


Elysion School Management Software helps students to not miss anything in the school even if they are absent. The students can review their homework, class material any time and can also go through the video lectures provided by the teachers. They are always updated with all the informations like upcoming events, competitions, exam schedule, etc. They can view their profile, grades of all assessments being conducted throughout the year, circulars formulated by the school.


Elysion school management system is very benificial for the admin/management. It helps them in handling all the administrative work taking place within the school in less time and efforts. Now with Elysion software a human workforce is not required to print and circulate the circulars. Our app helps in keeping the records of due fees, paid fees of the students, salary of the staff too. Overall it is making sure in giving best in all aspects.


It is very important for teacher to measure the performance of every student, and this app assures to become an easy handling instrument to do so. Elysion school management software is very profitable for teachers as it fulfil all the needs required. They can directly know their daily duties assigned to them through the app. It also records the attendance of teachers which can be accessed by them at any instant. They may also apply for leaves directly through the app.


Share Material

Homework, classwork, extra material available to the students at their palms.    

Offline & Online Attendance

Even when offline, teachers can note the number of strength of students within seconds.

Video lectures

Missed the class or slept in class? No worries as you can watch your own teacher’s lecture any where any time.

Unlimited classes, teachers and students

Auto scaling developed by Elysion Softwares helps you to manage unlimited data at very fast speed.

Internal Messaging System

With Elysion School App, parents, teachers and admin can have real time peer-to-peer communication.

School News

Achieved something? Why not show it off on the school newsletter to the parents, students and teachers.

More Features

Why choose us?

Saves Money

The software helps in reducing the number of desk employees and it also reduces the paperwork.

Saves time

Time being so essential in this era, our app totally helps you in saving this nectar by providing all direct access to teacher, students, parents, and admin.

Rise in Admissions

Our app plays the role of advanced tool which influences parents to take the admission of their ward in such technical schools.

Stand Out Amongst Others

Providing better services to the parents than any other school automatically brings you in limelight.

Support Offline Features

Some day-to-day features like taking attendance, vewing details, timetable, messages, notices are available offline so that the app can be used in network less enviornment.

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